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I need an older style Norseman fitting "cone" for the HOOD SEA Furl II to fit W32 head stay. I have to replace the head stay as it has been twisted somewhere along the line. The rigger at Zahnisers can''t lay his hands on one. Thought this may be may a source. He tried a place that deals in older rig stuff called RIG Right. Let me know if you have a source. Norseman doesn''t carry them any longer and neither does Hood.
Seems a shame to replace the furler for a $20 part. I''d pay $$ to get
my hands on one. I can''t believe that someone doesn''t make replacements as there are millions of the Norseman fittings to be reused and thousands of the Hood furlers.

Let me know if you have a source and I can confirm the wire size and such. The Hood part number is H 3129-04

Thanks much.
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