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Stupid question time,
Last year while docked just behind the customs dock at Roach I had the displeasure of watching the Saturday mid-morning crowd try to clear customs. The dock and bay was CRAZY!!! Folks were cutting each other off, swearing at each other and using plenty of hand jesters. Several times boats would come so close as to send first mates racing for the rail with boathook and fender in hand. We even got to see one collide with the other. Thankfully no one went over the rail. Seeing everyone's tempers flair, it was apparent that it's good no one carries cannons anymore.

Then throw in the occasional Seaplane landing, and coming up to the end of the customs dock - yow!

I was lucky to have arrived the day before but it got me to wonder. If the skipper of a vessel deems that it's too dangerous to come to the dock, can I anchor in the bay and take my dingy to the customs dock?
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