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This is a repost from the columbia sailboat owner group
CYOA Captn Pauley

1a. Heavy Heart
Posted by: "Paul Esterle" [email protected] pesterle
Date: Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:52 pm ((PST))

It is with heavy heart that I pen this message. 2014 was not a good year
for me. my kidneys failed in August and I spent several weeks in the
hospital followed by 60 days in rehab. While in pt in rehab, they failed
to notice pressure sore developing on my right foot. I was discharged
from rehab only to find myself back in the hospital for removal of the
infected bones (amputation) (osteomylitis). I'm finally back home and
restarting PT. To further complicate things, my only helper, my daughter
Becky just moved to Annapolis, leaving me with out any help.

I have three boats in a local boatyard, accruing storage charges, a
Matilda 20, a Columbia 26 mk.i. and a Columbia 10.7. All except the
Matilda are project boats in various stages of completion. There are
storage charges due on all three boats but I am working with the yard
manager to see if we can move the boats while I continue to pay down the

All three boats are on the hard in Bay Boat Works on the North East River.

Let me know if anyone has any interest...

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I sail out of that yard.. I walk I the yard in the mornings when there on weekends+. Often admired those two old girls..
Would it be presumtious of me to mail Mr. Esterle directly to offer what little (this Winter) support I might accomplish?.
Once the weather breaks, I'll be there morethan here :D
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