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I'm in the market for a new laptop and am considering the new 13" Macbook Pro. The rugged chassis would seem to be an advantange for use on the boat but the reviews indicate the screen is extremely difficult to use in sunlight. That made me go back and take another look at Windows laptops which seem to have the same problem.

In reality I would expect I'd only use the laptop at the nav station but would like the option to bring it to the cockpit if the helm mounted GPS goes TU or if I just want the more detailed NOAA charts.

Anyone got a suggestion for a sunlight readable laptop with enough graphics power to run a flight sim when its not on the boat? Other than that, my computing demand is fairly low, just a couple of spreadsheets I use regularly.

If I go with the PC I'll continue to run the free SeaClear and NOAA charts but will have to buy a similar program for the Mac.

I'm going to wait a couple of months since both MS and Apple are introducing new OS's in the next couple of months. The resident Windows hater in the office has a beta version of Windows 7 and says its pretty good, which is incrediably high praise comming from him. That somewhat undermines my resolve to go all Mac at home.
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