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I think you are probably talking about the Garmin nRoute software, which only allows you to use street mapping, not nautical charts, with a Garmin unit.
Labatt - that last comment is *technically* incorrect. I *HAVE* to use nRoute on BlueCharts 2008.5 if I want to use real time tracking with my Garmin 76CSx acting as my "puck" gps. Mapsource no longer supports tracking, stopped doing that a couple of versions ago *ugh*.

What is frustrating, nee enraging, is that the newest version of City Navigator NT (Street Mapping) in fact *DOES NOT* work with nRoute!!! So you CANT use that for on land real time tracking anymore!! They have *YET ANOTHER* utility called "MobilePC" that is basically a NUVI emulator that you have to use for on the go tracking for the newest City Navigator maps. OR, you can down convert your maps to use with nRoute. The U/I for Nuvi emulator doesn't really work well with a laptop, its really designed for a dumbed down touchscreen...which is bad for just tracking/plotting on a boat.

So, then I'm using down-coversion utilities, MobilePC, nRoute *AND* Mapsource which a couple years ago I did all in Mapsource. Talk about market segmentation gone awry!!!!

And dont get me started with their de-support of BlueChart. Those new cards can work with a PC, but overall what a PITA!!!

Its almost enough to make you go back to Raymarine RNS...oh god, what a crap-awful U/I.

I'm really hoping OpenCPN matures quickly, I see now that they have precompiled binaries, rather than downloading source and making your own. Hallelujah! When I find time, I'm going to try downloading and running this on my Mac...this looks promising.

BTW, I run a last-gen black Macbook. I love it on the boat, except that under Parallels (for Garmin hookup) its a power hog because the fan is *ALWAYS* on. So my laptop fan is on, my little inverter fan turns on, and I see amps whisping away through the air. Need a better solution for cruising.
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