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Hi, all..

I post the following in the Pearson-specific forum here, too, but thought that some of my helpful friends here might have some ideas, too. Mods, if the double posting is a no-no, please accept my apologies and remove whichever post you feel is necessary.. no hard feelings.

Thanks... here's the post..

Hi, folks..

Still working on renovating and sailing our '72 p26. The block on the starboard genoa car is toast, and I'm sure it's still the original equipment. The block appears to made from tin foil with a recycled white plastic sheave. :mad: The sheave disintegrated over the winter, somehow.

I can NOT find a way to get the car off the original 4' long 1" t-track; the large washer "stoppers" at the end of the tracks seem to be welded on. Is that the case? Is my only option to do what I really SHOULD do (rip out the current track, and install new 10' tracks on either side with new cars so as to get correct sail shape for every headsail, instead of just huge gennys), or is there another, more budget-minded but serviceable option (removing the trashed car and just replacing it for now)?

The Garhauer equipment is withing our reach financially, but, dang it.. I want to go SAILING...NOW!!:rolleyes:



Check Dan Pfeiffer's site. He has sold his P26 but left a lot of info up. You should be able to reach him if the answer is not there.

Pyxis - Pearson 26
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