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Hi Greg,

P30 #255 here.

First of all, there is NO bilge pump that you could fit to the boat with any practicality, that could keep up with a 2" puncture below the waterline. I can email you a research paper with some facts, if you'd like. I'm unable to attach the file here.

Second, we have shallow bilge sumps due to the way our boats are built.
It's a bit of a squeeze to fit larger bilge pumps down there. The earlier boats have a bit of a deeper sump than the newer boats. What hull number are you?

Now all that being said, I have the Rule 500 integrated float switch bilge pump, and I do plan to upgrade.

My research indicates that I could probably fit the 1100 or maybe the 1500 gph model. These pumps are oval shaped, and will fit into the narrow sump. Once you get to 2000 GPH the pumps are round, and too fat, and probably too tall. If your sump is the shallower version, you may only be able to fit the 1100 or 1000 gph model.

There is considerable debate about the merits of the integrated float switch pumps. Some people have had difficulties with these pumps. Mine has never failed though. Unfortunately, there is very little room in the sump for a separate float switch.

I have a Whale Urchin manual bilge pump installed, and when you mount the strainer box and the integrated float switch bilge pump, there is NO room for a separate float switch, I'm sorry to say.

My preferred configuration, is either the Rule Mate 1100 or 1500 (depending on which one you can fit into the bilge) backed up with the Whale Gusher or Whale Titan manual bilge pumps. Either of these manual pumps move a fair amount of water (especially if you use the larger of the optional hose fittings), they mount through the bulkhead, so that you can pump while driving the boat. They are very practical for the Pearson 30.

I was delivering another P30 from Baltimore last fall, when the auto bilge pump blew a fuse. The engine cooling water pump had a leak that we didn't know about, and we took water over the cabin sole. The Gusher manual pump cleared the water very quickly.

Rule Mate 1100
Rule Mate 1500

Whale Titan
Whale Gusher

Hope this helps,

How do i know mu hull number of the 1000 made… my HIN says pea…. Ends with 0774 which im guessing was july 1974 …. Which of the 5 digita before is my hull sequence number???
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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