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Pearson 30 Boom Tent Dimensions needed

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Hello All

I am about to buy a wonderful Pearson 30 and know I need:

1) Boom Tent

2) Main sail cover

Does anyone have the dimensions for these and also a Pearson 30 group in the Northeast or east coast?

Thank you all
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There is a Pearson owners group on the Chesapeake. Not P30 specific, but they welcome P30's.

I do not have specific dimensions for a boom tent. Are you just looking to keep the sun and rain off of people, or are you trying to seal the cockpit?

I built a snow tent this winter that consisted of a 10X12 brown, poly tarp and sections of PVC electrical conduit, with 90-degree elbows.

I cut the conduit to the appropriate length, then zip-tied the conduit to the lifeline stanchions. I fitted the elbows to the ends, to join the port and starboard conduits to form a roof with a peak. This kept the snow sliding off of the roof, instead of piling up and collapsing the tent.

I used a piece of steel conduit as the central spine.
I used one piece of additional conduit on each side, horizontally to join all of the frame pieces for stability.

I just cut everything down by eye, and didn't take measurements. I can measure the pieces and the mainsail cover tonight, I guess and post the dimensions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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