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So, I got my new (to me) 1984 Pearson 303 a couple of weeks ago, and have found her first significant problem. While washing her yesterday, I more closely
investigated the stains emanating from underneath the genny tracks. What I
discovered was NOT pretty.

Underneath about 30 percent of the bolts, the tracks are badly corroded, and the deck itself is actually depressed at badly affected bolt sites. The bolts
rusting away need replacement (of course that would mean all of them anyway), and probably even the tracks themselves. And those depressions in the deck are pointing to core issues at the holes.

The good news -such as it is- I found no water underneath the tracks after giving them a full blast from the water nozzle. So while a critical repair, its not an emergency one...yet.

I was already planning on getting the mast pulled in a few weeks to replace a
crumbling mast step, so figure I will tackle this problem then. The question I
have is: How in the world do you get to the very forward bolts that are under
the liner? While the bolts aft of the settees appear to be more or less accessible, the first foot and a half or so of the track undersides are behind the liner.

And I am straight-up scared of what I might find with the little depressions in
the deck.

Before I go stupid with the drimmel on the liner, thought I would ask if anyone
else has Been There/Done That with this problem.
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