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I've been researching a first cruiser for the last few months and am narrowing in on a few. The P35 and P33 (10M) as well as the Mariner 31/32 are making the short list. I have never sailed any of these and, given that I live in the middle of the US, I am trying to gain as much knowledge on some final selections as I can before spending the money to check them out.

The ideal cruising plan (time and money allowing) is to spend several months to a year cruising the east coast of the US, the Caribbean, and possibly through the canal. Then heading off to the south pacific. So I am looking for something that is mostly fit for comfortable coastal cruising but that is capable of making bluewater passages. I don't want to buy two boats (one now for coastal and one later for bluewater). I'm 6'3" so headroom is a necessity.

Some of the things I am curious about are sailing characteristics of these boats, fitness for my intended purposes, and trouble spots. While there is a lot of information on the P35, I haven't found much on the P33 and would love any insight on the differences/benefits of the two. I think I like the centerboard option, but having never sailed one (only bulb/full keel experience) I would be curious to hear people's opinions. Also, any thoughts on the wooden spars as an issue on the Mariner would be appreciated.
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