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Just bought a nice little Penguin. Seems good, price was right, haven't had it in the water yet because I want to do a little finish work while it's still been out of the water for a few years in a nice dry garage.

It's number 7953, registered in 1966. Seems to be a good one. We'll find out, I guess. Cedar frames, keel, chines, and gunwales with mahogany ply sides and bottom and cedar/mahogany/ash laminate fender. Original measurement certificate came with the boat. Fasteners seem to be mostly bronze. Metal plate at the mast foot and another in the shoe. One piece mast with a very nicely running bolt rope/channel.

I figure this should be manageable to launch, rig, and sail single-handed. I've sailed other small sloops and cat rigs, but usually with a more experienced sailor aboard. So this is my chance to single-hand. I really enjoyed single-handing dinghies at the Traditional Small Craft Association's John Gardner get-together at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic.

I also expect to be taking one or two people along a lot of the time. So... should be fun.

If you want to share anything about the mighty Penguin, or if you want to ask anything I could find out by looking at or sailing the boat, let me know!
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