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INTERLUX Perfection paint recall


I am sure you have read about my mast paint job, during testing i used a bit to much perfection to finish the job and had to buy a second quart

I had to use 100 ml from the second can to have enough paint to do the final coat , i had a few issues BUT it was not that apparent due to the blend of good and bad paint and i figured it would do its thing and level in just fine, to my horror the second coat did a nasty massive fisheye on top of my perfect first coat


I called support and the first thing they did was get my lot numbers and confirm that there were no recalls at that time :) and kind of drove me crazy troubling shooting my spray paint system for a problem that was not there

When i used 100% material from the second can it became pretty apparent even when mixing it there was a problem and i did a few test sprays that came out like a hammer finish :(

BUT they wanted to send out a rep to have a look and we went through everything and they decide to do test spraying back at HQ, well the word just came down that snow white and some other white have been recalled

Because i stacked the coats( your suppose to like doing a glass lay-up)the contamination in the second coat cut right through into the primer so even when you wet sand it down to primer it is covered in mirror like flecks and i will have to wait until they give me some good paint to even see it can be fixed without starting from scratch

The good thing is there replacing everything right down to the paint stripper and giving me a bunch of other free stuff But life kind of sucks right now because it is about two weeks of work in the evening to redo the ruined work
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