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I notice that it is common to designate certain Hunters as Cherubini. I suppose that takes some of the sting out of the Hunter brand? Are these boats constructed differently than say, a Hunter Legend 37? If so, what are the differences?
John Cherubini crafted some designs for Hunter in the early 80s. He agreed to design boats for them on the condition that they would follow his specifications to the letter in all regards. This resulted in a period when many of the Hunter models were better designed, and better built, than they had been up to then, or were after that. So, yes, there are significant differences in how the hulls were laid up, how the hull-to-deck joint was executed, how fittings and bulkheads were attached, and even what sort of materials were used in the construction of the interiors.

The Cherubini Hunters of the 1980s are well designed and well built boats that compare favorably with the very best mass-produced boats that have ever been built by any manufacturer.
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