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Don't know anyone in Bellingham, but I can point you in a couple directions of good reliable and knowledgable folks.

Stewart Marine Engine & Machine Works - Ballard - Seattle, WA | Yelp

This guy, and his wife are awesome. They have forgotten more about perkins engines than most will ever know. Their shop is a mess, and they bicker, and Stewart looks like Billy-Bob from "U-Turn" but they're great people. I got stuck, unable to bleed my engine after changing the fuel filter and he dropped what he was doing in the shop and walked me through it over the phone. I wanted to try it and call him back but he wouldn't let me off the phone until she fired up. I tried to give them business every chance I could.

Some of my new favorite people are Chuck and Carol from Norpac marine surveors. They also have a diesel shop and Carol owned a truck diesel repair shop for 40-some years. They're great people also and very knowledgeable. Awesome surveyors too.

One or the other of these two may be able to help you find someone good up in Bellingham. In fact, Stewart once was trying to help me out by arranging for one of his employees, who lives up north, to drive up on a weekend to work on my boat.


PS What kind of boat is it? Did you get a survey? Does the perkins have any known or suspected issues?
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