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Perkins 4-108 - (Dieselbub)

Our '77 Morgan Out Island came with a Perkins 4-108. I hated it. It spewed oil like geysers. It rattled and vibrated and shook and required more maintenance than I was willing or able to offer it.

(One gentleman told me, in reference to the Perkins: "You know why the English don't make computers?" "No, why?" I asked. "Because they haven't figured out how to make them spew oil.")

It was rated at (if I remember) 50 HP at 4000 RPM. No Perkins 4-108 ever ran at 4000 RPM. At 2000 it wanted to climb up into the cockpit with us so we ran it at about 1800 max. At that speed it was rated at about 37 HP. It had a slushomatic transmission which sopped up about 10 hp so we had 27 horses coming out the back. Not much for a 28,000 boat.

After about 8 years of percolating the Perkins, it finally seized up. We pulled it out and had a ceremony, where I shot it, called it names (including Dieselbub), and threw things at it. It responded by squirting oil at me one last time. Oh, how I hated that engine.

We replaced it with a smaller, quieter more powerful Westerbeke 55B. We're now out shopping for waterskiis.:rolleyes:
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