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I have a perkins 4-108 in a heritage west indies 38 that has just been rebuilt. It runs well and almost every part in it is new. It runs hot at 200 f under load. I have heard that this is not uncommon. Does anyone have any experience with this problem. Has anyone been successful in adding a larger heat exchanger to increase the cooling capacity. The engine is driving a borg warner 71 transmision which is also cooled buy the engine.The transmission has also been rebuilt. The engine is driving a 3x9x16 prop which is undersized for this engine. The tranmission is a 2.57:1 gear.

Can antifreeze increase operating temp?

Can a tight cutlass bearing affect operating temperature?

Can fuel injector timing affect operating temperature?

What is the max. reasonable operating temp. for this engine?

Will a newly rebuilt engine tax an old cooling system (the cooler has been boiled and cleaned)?

If the engine temp. levels out is it okay to run it at 200 degrees plus?

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Yes a good coolant will help - actually reduce operating temperature.
Tight Cutless Bearing will increase load, so temperature.
Fuel Injector Timing & Valve Timing can effect temperature.
Boiling does not remove calcium from heat exchanger. Check for good water discharge, then visual inspection of intercooler tubes (difficult).
Some troubleshooting advice.
Check Temperature Guage - is it actually running hot?
Check Thermostat - opening?
Water Pump belt too loose?
Air Cleaner clean and unrestricted induction manifold?
Cylinder Head gasket OK - no leaks, look for uneven cylinder compression.
Try an internet search on Perkins - I saw some excellent troubleshooting guides somewhere (sorry didn''t bookmark it).
Good Luck!
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