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I'm considering buying a permanent winter cover vs shrink-wrap for my new-to-me Hunter Vision 32. I'm looking for recommendations for someone to make a cover. I'd also appreciate it if anyone had a good guess as to what it might cost to cover a 32' sailboat (with a free-standing mast if that matters). The boat is wintering at Admiral's Hill in Chelsea, MA. Thanks in advance.

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Contact Fairclough in CT. They are the best. The cloth cover is much better for your boat, it breaths and is environmentally friendly. If you can wrestle the install and removal and have a place to store, they are break even in about three years to shrink wrapping around here. Five years, if you pay them to R&R.

However, I don't know about permanent. They will last 20 years, if you take care of them, which always includes stitching up some seams and/or tears every year.

Fairclough Sailmakers | Boat Covers | New England

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You can get either. They are excellent at customer service. Give them a call for the pros and cons.

Neither are designed to hold repeated snow load. All covers need to either shed snow or by cleaned off after each storm.

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I got the quotes below for a boom tent (full deck cover, topsides exposed) for my P31-2 but decided to stay with shrinkwrap:

Kinder Industries
75 Tupelo Street
Bristol RI 02809

SeaCanvas LLC
3011 Ocean Heights Ave
Unit C
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
[email protected]

PS - Didn't I do a skipper checkout with you... congratulations on closing on the dream.

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For the size boat that you are looking at, there are basically three options;
  1. Fairclough Cover - ~$3500 - usable for ~10 years
  2. Shrinkwrap - ~$1000 - usable for 1 year
  3. Big tarps & home built frame - ~$500 - usable for 3-5 years

There are two threads that you should have a careful read through;

I will call your attention to the following quote from Maine Sail in the second thread;
I've seen many Faricloughs collapse up here and many home made jobs too including some of my own design. The key though is a TALL ridge pole, STEEP sides and a slippery surface like shrink wrap has!!!
I plan to pay the yard ~$850 to shrink wrap my 35' boat - again.:mad:
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