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I read the forum article on PHRFs and understand the basics of how it works.

I am crewing on a club member's boat. We have a wide range of racers, but our CS30 consistently comes in third in every single race. The skipper has asked about PHRFs on rival boats, and thinks they may be out of whack.

I know that the first answer is going to be: 'if you have reason to doubt a PHRF, talk to your race captain and confirm the rating on that boat'. Well, that only gets you so far. The onus is on a skipper to get a PHRF on their boat, so once they've done that, who is to say otherwise?

I'd like to see for myself what the data is saying.

I am wondering if there is a way of examining the data and determining if the PHRFs are sensical. It seems to me that, over many races, you should be able to say some things about the boats, the crew and the PHRFs.

For example: if the actual times over the finish line vary by a large amount, yet the order of winners is the same (after PHRF is factored), that would strongly point to the PHRF factor overwhelming any racing skill.

Say ten boats have pre-PHRF times that span a range of a mere 30 seconds, yet the post-PHRF times span a range of 60 seconds or more, you'd get "corrections" that are larger than the individual differences. That would indicate that's something's not right.
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