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No Dave, the race results would indicate that some boats were sailed better than others. I am assuming you are complaining about “production” boats and not one-off racers. The PHRF regression formula only “equalizes” basic dimensional parameters. It does not rate the condition of the sails, rigging, crew skills or the type of beer carried on board. PHRF is not a golf handicap. You need to give me some more information such as where are you racing, what PHRF committee you are using, link to your race results and what type are the competitor’s boats? Here is the regression formula:

R' = 610-8.36*(SA/Disp^.333)+0.0000511*(SA^2)-55*(P/(J+E)) -30.8*(LWL^.5)-602*(DR^2/SA)

where SA= .5*(I*J)+.5*(P*E)

I ran your numbers through the formula and I get 147. Note that depending upon your regional conditions, your PHRF committee may “tweak” the formula. For example, they may “tweak” to give a heavy displacement boat some more time if their prevailing conditions are “light”. My experience with PHRF (I was National Measurer for the Catalina 34 fleet at one time) is they apply their formula equally across all production boats. It is only when you either heavily modify a production boat (like stripping out the interior) or if you have a “one off” boat do they get out their tape measures and scales.
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