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Piracy!!! Maybe i'll stay home?

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Hello my fellow yachties, just like to share a few thoughts with you about piracy, it seems to invoke strong reactions from those who beleive that the Gulf of Aden, Malacca straights etc, are full of evil brigands waiting to plunder and send you to Davey Jones locker.
Of course being robbed and threathened or in extreme cases being killed is a very serious matter but you are more likely to be attacked walking at night in any big city ( In USA probably shot)
Don't be put off by all the negative stories you here 99% of yachts transit these so called danger areas quite safely.


PS My cruising area is the Malacca straights
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LOL...nicely played.
Staying at home won't protect you from Microsoft's piratical, predatory decision to quit supporting XP and force XP users to walk the plank off what had been their most reliable operating system and buy one of their supported products.

What, you don't call that piracy? I bet it affects many hundred times more sailors than the thugs off Somalia and such like.

And yes, a comment thread hijack is probably the closest thing to piracy that most folks here are ever going to see, grin.

Which leads into one of my favorite pet peeves, which is the utter failure of most people to assess risk with anything resembling accuracy. People worry about pirates, hurricanes, and rattlesnakes when they should be making more provision for traffic accidents, doldrums, and bee stings. Let's face it, if you're a boater in California, you're more likely to be killed by the Coast Guard (San Diego) or a deputy sheriff (Lake County) than molested by anything resembling pirates. (And most USCG folks do a professional and difficult job.)

Okay, ye scurvy dogs hae' paid yer ransom and yer free o' this hijack, aarrrr.
Unless you're good enough to put a few rounds in the pirates boat, you're likely only going to piss them off... and they often have RPGs...

Also, carrying a firearm in many countries will get you thrown in jail and your boat impounded.

Sorry, but I think we live in an artifically "safe" world which is causing men to get away with being wimpy. In the long run, this is really hurting us a lot.

So, I like piracy.

As far as I know it really doesn't take much to make the pirates go away. Get an M1A with the high capacity magazine, put it out one of the windows and empty it in to their boat if need be. The pirates never attack ships which they know are armed.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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