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Piracy!!! Maybe i'll stay home?

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Hello my fellow yachties, just like to share a few thoughts with you about piracy, it seems to invoke strong reactions from those who beleive that the Gulf of Aden, Malacca straights etc, are full of evil brigands waiting to plunder and send you to Davey Jones locker.
Of course being robbed and threathened or in extreme cases being killed is a very serious matter but you are more likely to be attacked walking at night in any big city ( In USA probably shot)
Don't be put off by all the negative stories you here 99% of yachts transit these so called danger areas quite safely.


PS My cruising area is the Malacca straights
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Still love my Windows XP as on this my spare take to bed $100 ebay 1999 vintage IBM thinkpad!
Yes pirates attack unarmed ships such as the one the Israeli pirates attacked in International Waters the Med. this summer.
Problem is that Pirates are and always were heavily armed so if you want to try out the bullet proof capability of perhaps at most several inches of GRP feel free!
Anyway if you flaunt perhaps $100,000 of yacht in front of people who think they are rich if they have a bicycle! let alone an oil tanker or bulk carrier!
Looks like you will never be leaving the USA then!
Believe as I recall that something like 90% of all homicides involving firearms in the US are domestic in their nature.
Just too easy when you loose your temper to pull out the gun and squeese the trigger.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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