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Piracy!!! Maybe i'll stay home?

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Hello my fellow yachties, just like to share a few thoughts with you about piracy, it seems to invoke strong reactions from those who beleive that the Gulf of Aden, Malacca straights etc, are full of evil brigands waiting to plunder and send you to Davey Jones locker.
Of course being robbed and threathened or in extreme cases being killed is a very serious matter but you are more likely to be attacked walking at night in any big city ( In USA probably shot)
Don't be put off by all the negative stories you here 99% of yachts transit these so called danger areas quite safely.


PS My cruising area is the Malacca straights
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The Indian Ocean is my backyard so to speak, and therefore pretty close to home.
Many sailors leaving Dubai for a major trip go South East towards the Maldives, then West across to Chagos and the Seychelles before heading North back to Muscat and Dubai.
For a sailor who claims the Indian Ocean as his back yard you were probably just not thinking when you said that Chagos is west of the Maldives because in reality you would know that it is virtually due south.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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