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Please Help find Emergency EMAIL addresses USCG, CA, UK, EU, AUS etc

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With more people using satellite communications it can be easier and faster, or additional, in an Emergency to send an email to Search & Rescue authorities.

Except the authorities don't show their email addresses on their website (spam??) and try to rely on phone numbers.

This thread is to compile a list the SAR Email addresses that can be used in an emergency.

Please help by adding to this information. I'm not after every CG office's email, Im after the email address that will get into the biggest emergency operations room in each country. (where info would then be routed to the correct regional area).

Email addresses I am fairly sure are correct are large and bold


USCG +17573986700

I think the main US centre is Norfolk. It does the region but also exercises a control function for all regions.

United Kingdom

UK MRCC Maritime & Coastguard Agency UK Tel: +44(0)2392 552100

SRR: UK SRR EASTERN | UK SRR Scotland and Northern Ireland | UK SRR Southern Region | UK SRR Wales
[email protected]

[email protected]

AMSA Australia +61262306811
[email protected]

Dial 112 on any satellite phone SIM Card necessary, but does it need to be activated?
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. Not sure it’s as “emergency” as our 911 but it seems to be a useful link.
Remember 911 doesnt work offshore, in international waters, or in other countries. :) Nor does 911 take text
I meant I just wasn’t sure on how responsive it might be. Nothing like a mayday call on VHF.
Lol I think I have not expressed myself clearly.
Outside VHF range.
VHF is useful à few miles, line of sight only. Maybe 20 n miles. DSC maybe 30 NMs.
What if you are 1,000 NMs from the coast?

What do you use?

EPIRB is OK but 1 way, needs varification, not all countries respond to it Etc.
. You are sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean without phone but with full broadband. How do u use the broadband to save your life?

That's why the email addresses are so important.

Also remember Concordia that sank off Brazil? They fired their EPIRB. The Brazilians saw the EPIRB message but did NOT act on it!
They finally acted on it 18 hours later when the copy of the report was noted at the USCG, and the Americans told the Brazilians to get off their buts.

So in case of emergency I will use the EPIRB but also email my flag country, the country with SAR responsability for that area, and, the USCG. As the one email has multiple adressées it should be quick and easy.


Please check in this web site to see if it gives any helpful info.

But also; would it be useful to have a top pinned post with this site,, and links for quick reference

And, if someone feels ambitious, a pdf of a spreadsheet containing SAR phone, email, HF.

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think its exactly what I am looking for. I am checking it now :)
1 - 5 of 15 Posts