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The ISAF has separate rules for multihulls. There are separate "Mo#" and Mu#" categories, and MUltihulls only have to comply with the Mu# ones.

JG, I'm not sure but would expect that the volume contained in your lazarettes is NOT defined as part of the open cockpit volume, as long as you can secure them closed, as they should be at all times offshore. Ditto for any pockets in the coaming. You might want to check with USAA or the ISAF or someone to confirm that.

One of the best ideas I've seen is cockpit design is a bridge deck that is actually yet another storage compartment--designed for stowing the life raft. Which makes a perfect place for it, secured, convenient, and above deck.

If you are only going offshore once in a while and want to temproarily reduce cockpit volume for safety, I know some folks will simply take an igloo cooler and lash it securely in the cockpit. For a temporary measure--that will work.
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