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I've heard a few Y-valve comments posted, but I don't see a Y-valve in your diagram; although, I do see the effluent hose from the holding tank diverting to either the pump out or what I assume is a macerator pump at a through-hull discharge. A Y-valve could be placed at this effluent split, but it would have no function. During a pump-out the through-hull is closed and all suction would be applied to the tank. During the use of the macerator the deck plate is closed and all suction is still applied to the tank. I've been running with this pattern for years with a T-fitting without any concerns. Running the pump out to the deck is advisable, but unless the space is critical, there is no need to give up the water fill. What about a pump out down the port deck closer to the tank? Any chance during the refit to exchange the bladder for a firm tank would be advisable. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
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