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Why is Baltimore not on your itinerary?

  • Sailing is to get away from the rat race, not closer to it.

    Votes: 5 20.8%
  • Too much risk of crime or theft.

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • The entertainment and/or dining options don’t interest me.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Transient dockage is too expensive.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Shoreside transportation is too difficult or expensive.

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Too few places to anchor and/or securely land a dinghy.

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • The seawater pollution is unappealing.

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Too much commercial vessel traffic.

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Too much recreational vessel traffic.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other – mention in comments.

    Votes: 7 29.2%

Poll: Baltimore as a Destination

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Despite having a lot of shoreside diversions and almost certainly the best concentration of excellent dining options within a quarter mile of the water anywhere on the Chesapeake, Baltimore’s harbor seems to consistently punch below its weight as a cruising destination.

For people who bypass Baltimore, I’m curious what keeps you away and would appreciate if you could respond to the poll with the reason that best aligns with your own feelings. While I don’t have anything personally to gain by seeing Baltimore become more “yachtie,” IMHO there’s no inherent reason why it couldn’t or shouldn’t be on par with Annapolis as a sailing town.
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Actually the harbor is looking better than ever, minus the occasional floating body...they have employed a new trash picker upper and as mention, Fells Point and Canton are great destinations for food, better than anywhere else on the MD bay. Going up by boat to see a football or baseball game is pretty awesome.

I would rate high on the list, we go up at least 2-3 times a year but we are o
are just off the Patapsco on Rock Creek.
I saw a guy go through several times during the day when we were at BMC. Seemed like a Sisyphean effort, but at least they tried.
I was referring to this thingy ;)

Healthy Harbor :: Water Wheel
$2 per foot if I recall, correctly to tie up at the Baltimore City docks or bulkheads for the night, plus $5 for 30 amp electric. Only the pier has electric. Sounds like you should have done that instead of anchoring and dingy ashore. Baltimore has not set up a good system for people to use their tender, there are not many places to anchor your boat anyway, best to take a slip at the Baltimore city docks or one of the many marinas in the area.
And why do you live in MD still? LOL
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Because it's less expensive than a divorce. I tried to get Carol to move to the Florida Keys 35 years ago - she said not as long as she still has family in Maryland. We have lived in Texas and Washington state, but those were only temporary moves because of my jobs. And, now that we've been living in the Florida Keys for the past couple months, she appears to be seeing things my way, but I know better. Keep in mind I've been married all my life. ;)

Cheers from Key Colony Beach, Marathon, Florida, and as Arnold Schwarzenegger said "I'll be bock!"

Gary :cool:
I am almost sorry I asked :eek::eek:
Such a shame, Baltimore was making progress. Especially this year with the Sailabration at Fort McHenry and all the events surrounding it... and now a huge set back for the city. It will be years before the city recovers.
That's unfortunate you feel that way Gary, but its your opinion. What was seen on TV and other broadcast in the past few weeks is not representative of Baltimore, I do not think that needs to even be said. It is however very disturbing and is more a "state of the union" then Baltimore. America has not, is not, the best country in the world. Sad in itself.
My Grandfather, past Commadore of Baltimore Yacht Club, a Mason, and retired Baltimore City Police officer.

I never said many Baltimore communities do not have serious issues, usually drug related. one of my close friends works at a downtown hospital, my cousins wife is an ER doctor downtown... so what the point?

There is not any city where one may not feel safe is my primary point, it's all relative to what one deems as "safe". Name one major city in the entire world where all parts of the city have zero crime? Hard to do no...

The whole argument is relative...
Why don't you share which you think is.
Maybe this is not factual, but I find it pretty on point...

Having only spent significant time outside the USA in Austria ( iI have visited most every European county, and Canada, but never lived anywhere but the USA, unless you count California as its own country ;) ) my wife's homeland. I couldn't say what is, so you will argue how do I know the USA is not? Well that's correct, however its just my opinion.
I'm not defending Baltimore, but rural areas are dealing with a hard core drug problem right now. Meth and heroin, specifically.

People are preying on bored and disaffected youth. The youth become addicted, and violent. This problem transcends race, as plenty of white and black kids have been drawn into this.

Dumbing down the solution to a simple "don't live in cities" is pure BS.
We recently moved from just North of Washington DC to a small town North of Baltimore. At a recent HOA meeting, the Chief of Police in attendance mentioned pretty much what you stated BHMd. Sad, and this town was listed as one of the "safest" of all small towns (I think under 10,000 residents) in Maryland. The crime rate in our little town is so low the PD cannot get any grants for equipment as they do not warrant the "the need". :rolleyes:
I don't think he ever said he did not "love" the US, just that it is not the "Best." There is a big difference. It is more realizing there is room for improvement. As is germane to this discussion would be to compare crime rates to most other developed nations and you realize we are not "the best," (not even close) this does not mean I think we are not worthy, just that we could make improvements. In many areas we are no where near the top. I don't know why people think we "are the best at everything."
Thank you putting into words exactly what I was attempting to describe...
They did - it's called Ocean City (Dundalk By The Sea). ;)


Gary :cool:
G... you have become such a curmudgeon. Geez... Florida is calling your name I think ;)
I don't disagree but I also don't get why Baltimore is painted with a broad brush while people are more willing with almost any other large city to make distinctions between areas and neighborhoods. People distinguish between South Central and all of LA, between the South Side and all of Chicago, and between Manhattan and the Bronx - so why is Baltimore just Baltimore? I especially don't get why people from the surrounding suburbs paint with this same broad brush as in the end the more negatively people see the city, the more it reflects badly on the region as a whole.
Well stated Brian! ;)
This should give you a warm, fuzzy feeling the next time you think about visiting Baltimore.

28 Shootings, 9 Fatal, Over Memorial Day Weekend In Baltimore « CBS Baltimore

Gary :cool:
Now its just redundant and unnecessary at this point Gary. :puke
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