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Some may have seen my recent post about having my boat detailed. Well, it may be a moot point. The detailer was supposed to show up today to begin the job. No show and no call.

I am really beginning to get fed up with people and their poor service/values/character. If you are going to do something.... DO IT. If something comes up and you can't keep a commitment.... Inform the involved parties and handle it like a professional. I'm sick of this BS no call, no information, no keeping your word crap.

I could assemble a list a hundred people long of all the various trade/craftsman/repairman that have flaked out while performing some sort of job/service for me. I am amazed some of these people can stay in business. Whatever happened to pride in what you did and character in how you behave???

Sorry... Damn frustrated right now.:mad:
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