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Hi all:

I ordered a set of screens from John for my '31. They were too big with the rubber gasket he supplies. I punched my thumb through a couple of them trying to shove them in. John was very sympathetic and when I told him of my idea to use black silicone caulk from GE, offered to repair the ripped screens for free.

By the way, the screens without the rubber gasket, I.e. just the metal frame, look great with black caulk in my bronze port lights. You need a very steady hand and don't use too much caulk because if you do, when you lay the caulk off with a finger, it gets stuck in the screen. I did the exteriors first, then the interiors once the caulk was dry and there was no danger of pushing the screen out before the caulk set.

'89 PSC31
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