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Hi Ya'll!...

OK, there is no port in Tupelo, but we're sure there would be if we were on the coast so our heart is pure even though our words are less so.

I'm an old guy. Looking forward to retirement at the end of '10.

I have some experience sailing and being at sea:
9 years Navy. Owned an O'Day 322 for about 12 years or so, but sold her 3 years ago to go back to work. I miss it all.

When I retire - and not before - I'm going to buy a Cape Dory 25D. That'll be my retirement project, hobby, and all that stuff.
In the meantime I'll just read and dream. And work.

PS...Alexander Selkirk (my username) was the inspiration for "Robinson Crusoe". I have two first hand accounts of his story.
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