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Honda guy here...sorry I'm late. A few facts:

• No Honda generators are Coast Guard approved. Honda does not recommend their use aboard any craft.

• The EU2000i has a splash-type lubrication system, not pressurized, and there is an engine shut-down sensor (float-type) if the oil level falls below a minimum level. This sensor can engage more readily if the generator is operated at an angle vs. flat and level.

• The EU2000i has a vacuum-style (not electric) fuel pump. Most generators are simple fuel tanks with gravity-feed designs, but the compact design of the EU2000i means the carburetor sits above the fuel tank sump, so a pump is required.

• There are no special hardware or treatment of materials to make them marine grade or less susceptible to corrosion.
• Ground and neutral are not bonded at the generator.

• The high frequency noise floats across anchorages and is as irritating as a mosquito buzzing about your ears.
81 - 81 of 81 Posts