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We had a chance to go for a sail this past weekend. Got to Dragon Wing around 3:00 PM, and decided I would start the engine before doing anything else. My wife sat there watching me, unsure whether it would start. Turn the key, and it sounds like the engine is starved for fuel. Adjust the throttle and try again, but nothing. Then I realized, it was 50 degrees out, and I hadn't used the glow plugs. Turned 'em on for 30 seconds, then turned the key and the engine fired right up! We had a nice, although short, sail and were back in the slip before 6:00 PM. Other than the fact that our time on the water was limited, I don't think the day could have gone better.

I'm still waiting to see what happens next time my dad is aboard! :)

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"I'm trying to picture this bolt, to understand why it won't fully seat. "
Could be it isn't the correct original bolt, that someone grabbed one a bit too long. Or that there was more "stuff" under it at one time.
Easily solved with washers or, more properly, getting a new shorter bolt. (Bolt, $1.29. Shipping and handling, $6.95, isn't it always?(G)

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Every time the engine starts means you will be less likely to rewire the mess that is called engine wiring Jim! ( put it if off for 3 or 4 years) glad I did it though!
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