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Power washing Interior

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Hi everybody.

I am interested in looking at a particular boat (Catalina 30) from a local broker. The boat looks great inside and out. However, the Broker in the first description of the boat states, and I qoute: "The entire boats interior was emptied and power-washed and bleach cleaned in 2005".:confused:
I have never heard of this being done. Has anyone else had experience with a power washed interior? Should I be worried and let this boat go? Or is this normal. Once again, any sage advise is greatly appreciated
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Unless there was a really serious problem with mold or something else, like the boat being sunk... there should be very little reason to do this... If the boat was sunk or had that serious a mold/mildew problem, it's probably got a lot of other issues that are more than cosmetic.
That just cant be good :(

I've (gently) power-washed the interior of a Catalina 22 and a Columbia 26. I've found it a quick way to get the general grime out of a boat. It's a pain to remove the cushions, etc before doing so, but it's pretty easy once you get started.

I've always been careful to stay away from the electrical, and make sure I dry things off when I'm done...

Of course, as you are suspecting, it may mean that the boat was really trashed at some time, which would raise other potential issues.

Maybe it was just to remove the blood stains. No biggee!
I did it to my own boat when I bought it. Of course I pulled all the electrical, and there wasn't much on the boat to begin with.
Maybe it was just to remove the blood stains. No biggee!

TV commercial:

Car ad, "slight smoke damage" strike that "new upholstery!!"
Thank you everyone. Some of those ideas I had not thought of (Sinking and mold). Others however... crime scene cleanup and smoke damage were unfortunately the first to come to my mind. If I decide to look at the boat I will inquire as to the reason for power washing the interior and I will defintely keep a keen eye at the electrical.
I'd also recommend you read the Boat Inspection Trip Tips thread I started, as it will help you determine whether the boat is worth going further with or walking away from.
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