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Precision 27 vs 28

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Hi there folks.

Any body know the major differences between the Precision 27 and 28 other than 1 foot? Keel on the 28 draws 1 more inch. The biggest interest i have is does one sail better than the other? I thought i read some where one boat sailed like a dog and the other did not but i can't find where i read this again.

Any information on these boats would be very much appreciated. They do look like nice boats.
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Thanks for the feed back. Do you float your boat onto the trailer? If so does it load easy? I never thought of the boat being tender but ive always had boats with 4+ foot keels. Our last boat was a J80 and you could run full main and jib in 20 knots and go like hell though these are not even remotely close. Is the backstay split and could you bend the mast to help depower the main? Does the boat generate alot of weather helm when it powers up?

There is a 28 on yacht world that ive had my eye on for a bit that looks really nice. My dad who i partner with is not totally sold on it though and with the Canadian dollar so low it's expensive.
That P28 has been on yachtworld for a couple of years...
Interesting, something wrong with the boat or he's really stuck on that price maybe?

Ive sailed on a P23 and it was a wonderful boat to sail, the owner felt it was a bit light as well and i think he put 200 pounds into the sump or something. I know he added weight and he felt it helped a lot.
I guess my one thought on this is that my sails are as old as the boat (1994 Hull 116) and I can't help but think a new Main would alleviate quite a bit of this.
Throw some UK tape drives or North 3DL's on her and you will be amazed the range of winds you can sail in before doing sail changes.

The picture in my avatar is a Merit 25 has UK tape drives.

Thanks for the info.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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