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Precision 27 vs 28

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Hi there folks.

Any body know the major differences between the Precision 27 and 28 other than 1 foot? Keel on the 28 draws 1 more inch. The biggest interest i have is does one sail better than the other? I thought i read some where one boat sailed like a dog and the other did not but i can't find where i read this again.

Any information on these boats would be very much appreciated. They do look like nice boats.
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I have a precision 28 going on my 3rd season.

I really like my boat but, after racing/crewing on an S2 9.2 and Catalina 30 FK I feel that my boat is quite tender. When I single handle I love it but when I race I wish I had a little heavier boat.

So I find myself reefing a little earlier than most others, at 13 knots/15 mph the first reef goes in with full 130% genoa. When it gets to 16 knots/18 mph I roll in the genoa to about 100%. This is when I race, if I am out for a daysail single handed or with my wife and I think it's time to reef I drop the main head back into the marina on the genoa. However at 9-12 mph she is a joy I believe due to the lighter displacement.

As for the accommodations at 6' I find the cabin comfortable I sleep in the aft cabin while my wife takes the starboard berth. The v-berth looks nice and it is comfortable, but getting in and out of it is liken to the hokey pokey.

As for the differences between the 27 and the 28 I am of no help I've never seen or sailed a 27. On paper looking at and the pdf brochures that I have a tough time believing that either boat would outperform the other. I believe the extra foot comes from the addition of the swim platform and the 100# is in the ballast. Perhaps the extra 100# on the 28 may mean that it is a bit more stable than the 27.

The owners of Precision Sailboats are very helpful answering questions if you have any but do not manufacture either craft any longer and have no parts available.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer as best I can.
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Do you float your boat onto the trailer?
Yes I keep it in a slip in a marina, from May to Oct and I do launch and pull myself. The trailer is a bunk style, with a keel guide, winch and tongue extension and loads on easy and my friend's 3/4 ton 4x4 Ford pulls it out no problem. I guess you could say that is one of the bonuses of it being lighter. This also allows me to store it across the road from the yard and save $$$
Is the backstay split and could you bend the mast to help depower the main? Does the boat generate alot of weather helm when it powers up?
Yes it does have a split backstay that can be used to flatten and depower the main but I have not played it. I usually sail alone or with inexperienced crew so it's easier/quicker to calm the crew by throwing in a reef (single line reefing system).
When she is trimmed proper in 9-12 mph I can let go of the wheel and she'll hold course. But when it pipes up and I haven't reefed yet you've got to hold on to that wheel or she will round up.

I guess my one thought on this is that my sails are as old as the boat (1994 Hull 116) and I can't help but think a new Main would alleviate quite a bit of this.
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