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I like my Origo stove - especially once I switched fuels as discussed in this thread from a couple of years ago.

One thing that has bothered me is the fact that the alcohol evapourates. I found myself trying to guesstimate the amount of fuel I would need for each cooking operation and filling the reservoir with 'just enough' to avoid wasting any.

This became tiresome and wasteful.

On my last trip I experimented with silicone sink stoppers - basically flat disks of silicone that I placed on top of the fuel reservoir opening and under the sliding burner regulator.

I know that new units come with rubber pads that serve the same function. The benefits of the silicone discs are: they are more heat resistant than the rubber Origo pads, and I got my stoppers at the Dollar Store for about $1.25 CDN ea. vs. whatever you must pay for the original replacement parts.

I found that my fuel lasted for two weeks as long as I remembered to replace the pads once the stove had cooled.

The pads I got look something like this (only mine are black):

The above image is from Amazon where the stoppers sell for about $4.00.
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