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I have a much larger area I am working on presently than that which you describe. Of note, the port seat was only "spongy" for the last 4 inches or so near the traveler... larger inspection showed much more extensive water penetration than that... If you look at this picture the right 8-10 inches has dry core...

I'm slowly rebuilding this whole section from the bottom up... I cut out the square, removed the bad core... washed it with acetone... laid down laminating resin, put in wetted end grain balsa coring... then started to lay up chopped strand mat....

I've not been back to work on it in a few weeks... I figure I have about 4 more layers to do, making a total of 6 layers of CSM... then I'll be fairing and gelcoating. Not sure if this is the "right" way or not... but so far it's stronger than all heck.

This is how it looks right now... I've not had any "warmer" days to work on it... I figure I'll layup the next 3-4 layers all at once... as the laminating resin dries to a tacky level pretty quick... I'll know I am where I need to be when the level of the build-up is nearly up to the existing gelcoat.

Good luck with your repair... take your time, plan on repairing more than you can "see."
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