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I worry for you. Although the inspection port is only 4 inches in diameter, if you can feel the sole being soft it indicates the rot - as it almost certainly is - has spread wider. Maybe far wider. The bent nail trick works on a fresh-drilled hole, but think how far in you will excavate- maybe 1/2? I bet the "spongy" feel spreads wider than that.

MarkSF has it right. You may also be able to get a feel of the size by tapping, and listening for a tonal difference ("hollow" tap vs. solid)

What to do next will depend on a complete repair of a quick fix (which will last a few years). Temporary fix: Firstly, the core needs to be dry, or epoxy won't adhere. When totally dry, pull out rot until you reach solid wood. Saturate the entire area with epoxy - let it soak up as much as possible, so the remaining wood/rot is fully saturated - perhaps close the hole from below, fill with slow-cure epoxy, wait for it to soak in, then remove what is left, thicken, and use to fill the voids. Penetrate then fill. It should set up solid, and if you are lucky it may stabilise the rot.

The correct way is to follow MarkSFs instructions. Shnool's pics will give you some idea of the work.

Rot spreads - water (as I am sure you know) creeps in everywhere. Good luck - I hope the rot has not spread as much as I fear.
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