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I have an inspection port/light mounted in the cockpit sole just aft of the helm. Over the last few months I've noticed that the cockpit sole in that area has become spongy. I've looked on the Internet for articles advising how to repair this area, but I can only find instructions on replacing the entire cockpit sole (not required, thank you).

I seem to remember from past readings a procedure as outlined below:

1 - Remove light, mine is about 4 inches in diameter.

2 - Using a nail bent at a 90° angle and placed in an electric drill, run it along the outside diameter of the hole to remove what I suspect to be rotting balsa core.

3 - Construct a floor from underneath probably made of heavy cardboard larger than the existing hole.

4 - Fill the void between the two layers of existing fiberglass that was created by removing the rotted wood.

5 - Allow the filler to set up, and replace the light.

Does this sound like the proper procedure? If not, what would you recommend? What is a good way to fill the void so as to assure all the open spaces are filled? What product would you recommend to use as filler? Do you think Bondo which is locally available would be suitable for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.
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