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Switches are possible, bad connections are possible, as is a bad winding on the motor.

If it's a bad winding, the motor will start and turn in some positions and not in others. People used to hit their started motors with a hammer. Suggest since the windlass has a manual mode, if it sticks, try manually turning it a small amount (say 1/4 turn) with the clutch engaged and button not engaged, then press the button again. If that consistently fixes the problem, the motor needs to be removed and serviced. A guy who rewinds starters for cars might be able to do it.

If it's the switches, it could be the buttons or relays. The buttons handle small current, the relays handle big current. You could bypass the whole thing with jumper cables and a battery directly to the motor. Be careful, don't touch + to minus when you do this. If when it sticks the motor will turn with this direct connection, then it's likely bad connections or switches/relays. It doesn't take much resistance to stop this thing from working, just a slightly loose or corroded connection. Those relays can carbon up after a while and make just enough resistance. Sometimes toggling the button a few times makes it work for a bit.

Try the easy experiment testing for bad windings first.
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