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I would tend to agree about the solenoid or the motor.
It is simple enough to remove the protective case from the motor (2 nuts) and the brush cover from the motor. Check the connections to the motor inside the case and there could be some deterioration of the alloy case inside, as well. Clean and polish the commutator (the spaces between the copper bars must be free of any contaminants that could make an electrical connection) and make sure the brushes are making good contact with the commutator. The solenoid you can test by jumping across the large contacts with a wire of sufficient size, for a second or two.
Just looking at the connections is not sufficient for a high amp unit like this. Take each apart, checking the crimps and clean each part, especially the wires from the switch to the solenoid. I like "Corrosion Block" for connections I can't check easily.
I removed our Tigress from the boat only because the legs holding it to the boat had corroded off and the motor cover (inside) turned into alloy powder, but it was still operating perfectly.Lube the moving parts liberally and make sure you have the correct oil in the case and that windlass should last 20 years or more.
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