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I have a problem with my existing non-skid paint job on a 1990 Jeanneau. I believe it was painted with Awlgrip, it has sand/grit in it, and only the original non-skid areas were painted. I included some pictures below to better describe the issue.

Basically there is about two coats of paint on top of the original non-skid surface.. While removing some Silicone (trying not to digress, but silicone on boat decks is stupid) I chipped some of the paint off and it revealed the surface under the paint coats. The original pyramids or bumps exist and there is a rubbery filler used which appears to be soemthing you do before putting new Awlgrip on.

Here are my questions:

  1. 1. What is the rubbery stuff under the paint?
    2. Is adding this stuff a normal process in putting the Awlgrip on?
    3. Is ti possible to remove it with something like Interlux Paint Stripper?

I am asking these questions as I am seriously contemplating removing this paint as it was put on poorly orginally and looks like crap.
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