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Problems Sizing Ground Tackle for 50' , high windage cat

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I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for.

I've decided on an 80lbs Manson Supreme anchor.

On the other end of things, I strongly prefer a manual windlass. The Lofrans Manual Windlass has served me well on 2 previous boats.

The largest it accepts 3/8" HT chain, which has a working load limit of 5400lbs.

The 3/4" dock lines for this boat have a wll of 17,000lbs.

I can source anchor shackles of up to 14,000lbs.

So the windlass is severely limiting my anchoring strength by limiting my chain size.

What should I do?

I cannot afford, nor do I even like powered windlasses .

I live at anchor through named storms and severe thunderstorms and prefer to be safe.
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3/8" HT is the minimum recommended for your boat, so it will probably be fine. If I knew I was going to be living in high wind locations I would upsize the anchor and the chain to be honest. Spending $2,000 on an electric windlass for the boat wouldn't be where I would try and save a few bucks however. I see the ability to easily raise and lower an anchor as a safety issue since it means I am les a likely to just accept a marginal set.
I honestly doubt there is one made, you might be able to find an old one in a bone yard, but I would be a little suprized. I guess you could have a machine shop fabricate one for you, but it would probably cost more than an electric one.

The other option would be to try and find an electric windlass that was replaced becaus ethe motor burned out. Again in a junk yard.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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