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My buddy and I used to buy motorcycles in michigan and run them down to Florida for resale, buy a car or truck down there that needed some work and bring it back up to michigan for resale. Did it for about four years and neither of us had real jobs.

Not sure how the boat market would be, would need to check prices and ensure that going prices at both ends had enough difference to more than offset the transport costs. If the margin is low, it could help offset the cost of a cruise, but not make a profit.
You'd also have to take into account storage fees etc while you are selling the boat.

When we were doing the bikes, the price difference was huge,a $100 bike up here would fetch $500 or more down there, a $1000 bike may bring the same actual profit but nowhere near the same margin.
So we stuck with the cheap bikes most of the time.
Was a great life, spend the time up here test riding bikes, and the time there hanging out on the beach

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