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Amazing to me that anybody would haul a boat to clean it, especially in an area where hull cleaning is an actual industry, like the Chesapeak Bay.
The marinas are catching on it seems and offering fairly cheap quick hauls around here, especially if you pay cash ;)

I had always kept our boat in a working marina so a quick haul was easy and gave ME the chance to inspect the boat. When I moved to a club with no haul out facilities I started using a diver. Granted, I have only used one diver so far...

So before our trip I had the diver come inspect and clean the haul. Then after he came about 10 days later I decided to have the boat hauled so I could adjust the pitch on my prop (Autostream feathering prop), the marina owner almost insisted I do this instead of diving myself, so I followed his advice (he offered me a fair price to do a quick haul)

Sure glad I did because what I found is the diver didn't do as he said he would. Barnacles on the shaft and prop. Fine hair like growth all over the hull except near the waterline, and areas that needed some paint...point being I was very disappointed in the services provided by the diver. Which made me rethink the entire diver thing to be honest. On the Chesapeake bay the reason I would hire a diver is because I don't like to dive on a boat when I can only see a foot if that, creeps me out:rolleyes:.

I am certainly not implying all divers suck as much as this one, but if you don't check for all we know they're having a beer in the cockpit and charging me $100 for it. Not saying of course this is typical, but certainly makes me skeptical and if I hire a diver again, I will certainly check their work.
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