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I wonder(given the zinc content) wether cold galvaniszing spray in a can for trailers and stuff, would offer some of the same benefiits for those of us that dont have access to these kinds of products?

i used the galvanising paint for my iron keel as a primer to spot paint, and later primed and antifouled

which is better than simply painting over bare iron...however I didnt put anything on the prop this time:)
I had a unique opportunity to test the zinc theory, in a way. My hot dip galvanised mooring chain was in the water for around 6 months whilst our boat was elsewhere. It had two nylon strops attached that were also submerged. When hauled out of the water, the only difference in growth between the chain and the strops was that the strops had a soft coral growing on them. The barnacle coverage was pretty much the same.
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