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Due to several events we ended up not using the boat for 5 consecutive weeks. Highly unusual, maybe the longest period ever. We generally go sailing every weekend.

Noticed immediately that the boat was sluggish as we were pulling out of the slip and confirmed by only managing 2500 RPMs at WOT. Changed all fuel filters and still not getting to full RPM.

Decided to pull the boat and clean the bottom. The hull looked great given that the bottom paint (Petit Horizons) is on its second season. However we had tons of barnacles on the shaft and prop. I don't paint them. Removed them and all is back to normal.

I told my wife the only long term solution is to make sure we use the boat more... :)

In all seriousness, are there any good tips for keeping growth off the shaft and prop? We are in the upper Chesapeake.

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