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If the current failure point is the nylon adapter (reducer), and the problem is that nylon is the wrong material (too weak, too slippery) for the job...

Then it would seem that the simplest and cheapest solution is not to modify the hull, not to order up a custom oddball prop, not to pull and modify the shaft, but rather simply, take out the nylon adapter (or buy a new one if the existing one may be damaged) and give it to a machine shop.

With consideration for the right metals to prevent galvanic issues, it may just be a $100 lathe job to turn a piece of rod stock from stainless or monel or bronze (whatever) to replace the nylon adapter and have something that will properly hold when tightened down, no?

That could be textured slightly to increase the friction, etc. A good machinist should be able to make this happen without a lot of fuss or custom rebuilding on the boat.
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