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I am getting a US 25 back into the water. the fixed ports leaked and after removing them, I discovered wet balsa core. I scraped out the wet stuff a couple of weeks ago. It some cases it went down to the angle turn to the side decks. Nothing feels spongy and above the windows was ok.

So my work plan. I poured in a pint of acetone based on rumors that it helps to dry things out. I ordered up some CPES. I bought some plywood to act as a filler, but am not sure about using it. My first idea is to first pour in some CPES to wet out and absorb at the bottom of the trough. After that kicks, I would pour in some regular epoxy to fill the gap to near the edge. Finally, use thickened epoxy to finish and repair some damaged gelcoat. I figure I would end up with at least a 1 inch depth epoxy ring with a nice sanded finish. From there I can drill into that to use through bolt and exterior replacement acrylic with butyl tape out and I was thinking a sanded/painted trim ring from plywood inside.

Just below the window on the deck is the jib car tracks running inside. I am considering not going further this year since to longer plan is to gut the interior next winter. At that time I'll remove the deck hardware completely and have full access to the interior. Nice thing about US 25's no fiberglass liner so I'll have an empty pallette to work with :)

Am I missing anything?

picts at leda - us25 sailboat 
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