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I am in the market for the "next" boat and have pretty much settled for a used Pacific Seacraft. In particular I am looking at the Dana 24, Orion 27 and the PS31 (NOT the Mariah). Because of my fondness for Bill Crealock, I am looking hard at the Dana and the PS31.

I usually sail solo or with inexperienced crew so need a boat I can handle by myself in any weather. And have done so for years, which is why I am looking at PS boats.

I am looking for sailing characteristics, tracking ability, heavy weather capabilities, light air abilities, ad infinatum. A real "review" of the boat from one who has sailed the boat for quite a while, an owner's likes and dislikes about his or her PS31.

Perhaps a short story of a sail or cruise in your PS31 that illustrates her good and/or bad qualities, how she "made the day", so to speak.

I would also like to see some sail mag reviews, though they usually are just "advertising" articles. Those "reviews" typically say nothing about the boat except a first impression from a 4 hour sail, under whatever conditions prevailed at the narrow time slot available to the reviewer.

I especially dislike those articles when you look on an opposing page and there is an ad for the boat being "reviewed". What a coincidence!

Owner reviews, past or present are typically the best way to get a feel for a particular boat.

I will appreciate any and all replies and posts about the boats.

Thank you in advance,

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