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Hi all,

We sold our beloved C&C 34/36+ a few years ago after moving inland, but we miss sailing/cruising so much that we're thinking of creative ways to get back into it.

Our current leading idea is to buy a boat, list it with a charter fleet, and cruise on her a few times per year. Not quite the same as living a mile from the Gig Harbor marina, but we'll take what we can get.

The boat will be based in/near the San Juans (likely Anacortes), and after having spent 5 years sailing in the Puget Sound, my wife and I have come to appreciate protection from the elements. We really like being out on those misty/drizzly/cold winter days, but even the best foulies don't keep you warm after a while.

So... we're looking at a pilot house. The only one I've found that isn't a butt-ugly motorsailer is the Pacific Seacraft 32 PH. Reportedly, it "is based on the PS 31". There is no info out there on the interwebs on this boat, so I'm looking for anything I can find. I've read the 2 threads on sailnet already.

Question 1 is; Interior layout aside, how close is it to the PS 31? Same hull? Same sailing characteristics? There's plenty of info out there on the PS 31 and if I can read those reviews and translate them to the 32 I'm good. I'm worried, though, that the pilothouse will cause the boom to have been raised and lead to a smaller main and an unbalanced sail plan. I know she won't point as well as the C&C did, but she should compensate for it in the rougher water in the Straight of JdF and on the outside of Vancouver Is (if we ever get some time to do a circumnav. of the island). An inside passage trip is also on the list. Mmmm... coffee in the cozy pilot house while rain patters the windows on a slate-grey day on our way to Alaska... :)

Question 2: (I'll post this in the chartering section as well). Are there any particularly reputable chartering companies that folks would recommend listing their boat with? My plan is to consult with the chartering companies prior to buying a boat to make sure that it would be one they would want in the first place. If they're not into a 32' boat, we'd look into buying a standard 36' sloop and have a full cockpit enclosure made. I'd think this could be done for $5-7k, but I'd need to do more research.

As always, thanks for your help.
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